Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Patricio Visit

Patricio visits his elder sister.

Lucila is excited to see her brother for the first time in nearly two years. Having come for his grandson's wedding, Patrick will be in town for nearly a month. He stops in frequently to see his big sis (ñaña), who he loves very much.

He is equally excited to see his elder sister, who raised him (the youngest brother) from a young age and all his brothers and sisters after their mom died. Patricio is especially grateful as Lucila helped him with his own large family, before and after his own wife passed away.

There are many people in this world grateful to Ñaña Lucila, who helped to raise them, their parent, grandparent, and/or great grandparent, and to whom she has shown much kindness.

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rita said...

Querida muneca senorita Lucila, sus sobrinas queridas, de Utah, Rita Lucila Antonia, Gloria Angelita, Angeloni, Ana Pauli, Patricio Alejandro, Jonatan, le enviamos un abrazo y beso grandote, y los deseos de que se mejore prontito, le queremos mucho y yo su sobrina y ahijada Rita Lucy voy a llegar el dia miercoles 22 de octubre a new jersey, asi que le espero ver prontito, guapa muneca.
Le queremos mucho.
Un beso grande.
Sus sobrinas que le quieren mucho.