Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm Going Home

I feel good today, and ask everybody that I see if the doctor has approved my discharge. I'm ready to go home.

Soledad came in this morning. When Kathleen, the Palliative Care nurse, passed by she noticed that both them were here, so she decided to try to assemble the Palliative Care team meeting early. The meeting had been scheduled for 3pm, but was rescheduled for 10:30 am. Myniece and "ahijada" or goddaughter Rita came to visit me this morning, with my nieces Beatriz and Genoveva. They happened to come just in time to participate in the meeting this morning. During this meeting, my family was met by the Palliative Care team which included the nurse, physician, social worker and chaplain. During that meeting they had a good discussion and agreed that I've had a good life, and that I am not too happy coming to the hospital at my age. All the changes makes me confused and anxious. Hospice Care was introduced to them and seems to be a good fit for me. I am ready to go to heaven "cielito" if it is God's will. I am in reasonably good health for my age. I read my Bible, and am of sound mind. The idea of being treated at home sounds like a great match for me. I have already said that I don't want to be resuscitated if I take my last breath, or if my heart beats the last beat. Hopefully, I have a long time ahead, but it is not in my hands. I have given it all to my "Diosito." Whatever it is God's will.

I am happy, and am ready for my destiny, whatever God desires for me. Don't worry I haven't given up living. I'm going home and will continue my routine in reasonably good health. I might not be returning to the hospital again, as hospice suggests. Although, at the moment I'm feeling so much better than las week, that I'm thinking that I might very well want to come back for acute care, if I get sick really sick again. As long as I'm still mentally sharp, and can survive with a reasonable quality of life, I want to be treated.

I wish to thank all the wonderful people here at Hoboken University Medical Center and at Palisaded Medical Center, who have taken care of me; especially the nurses and aides who have been with me every day. Thank you.

Larry stopped in this afternoon and signed me up for Hospice Care. I will likely go home this afternoon. I will have regular nurse visits and aide visits at home. The Hospice is also providing equipment and medications that I may need. If I go home later, my hospice nurse will come visit me at home later to start my care.

I am honored to share my special journey with you all here. I will keep you posted.

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