Friday, October 24, 2008

Hoboken University Medical Center visit

They took me to Hoboken University Medical Center Emergency Department, since the Palisades Medical Center was on divert, which means they were either full with no available beds or were extremely busy and couldn't handle new patients at that moment.

The staff in the Emergency Department were very nice to me and professional. I was given 2 potent IV antibiotics, and breathing treatments. They also performed many tests: blood tests, blood cultures, arterial blood gas, chest X-ray and CT of the chest. It took many hours to get all the tests done, but I finally got up to my room after 9pm.

Toward the end, I kept asking to go home, as just lying there was leading me to get anxious. When I got up to my room, I was happy to meet my roommate Arlette, who is visiting from France, and speaks Spanish too. She is very nice. I was so tired from all of the day's activities that I fell asleep not long after getting settled in. Plus, the beds upstairs are so much more comfortable than the cots in the Emergency Room.

My nurse also seems very caring and competent. Without any special prodding from me or my family and friends, he ordered consultations from Speech Therapy to test my swallowing, and from Physical Therapy, to help with my weakness.

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