Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's Official: Pneumonia

My doctor stopped by my room earlier. He announced that they found a pneumonia. The staff here at Hoboken University Medical Center are taking very good care of me. They are giving me some powerful IV antibiotics, that are ridding me of the pneumonia. This morning I was able to walk to the bathroom assisted but with little difficulty. This afternoon, the same walk caused much greater difficulty. However, I feel much better today. Yesterday, I was extremely short of breath upon even minimal exertion. I am cheerful and look forward to being discharged in the coming days, cured of my pneumonia.

I was very excited this morning by the visit of Fr. Martin, who administered the Holy Oils. Receiving this sacrament is a special blessing for me.

Thanks for your well wishes. Veroniquita called from Union City, and Gina called from Germany. Most everyone else is in Miami at the wedding and hopefully dancing the night away. Good luck to Jorgito and Shuanita. Enjoy your honeymoon.

Earlier I was reading the comments sent by Angeloni and by Rita from Utah and by Paulina from London. I am grateful to all of you.

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