Friday, October 31, 2008

Hospital Farewell Morning

I had a great morning looking forward to going home around noontime. I had a number of visitors too.

My brother Patricio stopped in to see me. He so dislikes being near sick people; so I especially appreciate his presence. I'm sure he must have been reassured by my condition. I haven't felt better in weeks. He came with this son Patricio and another niece, Gloria Soledad, our brother Juan Manuel's daughter, with her own daughter Cristina. It was so much fun to see so many people who love me so much.

Luci with her dear little brother Patricio

Luci with Patricio Jr.

Luci with Soledad and Cristina

I enjoyed my breakfast, and had my last medications administered at the normal morning time of 10am. I was hoping to get lunch early, but it came about noon causing those who were planning my discharge and transport home some grief. The respiratory therapist administered my midday nebulizer treatment about noon.

There was much going on this morning. Since I was going home today, I was very excited and extremely happy.

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