Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Roller Coaster

I started getting my nebulizer breathing treatments last night, which as helped. My weakness increased overnight. I had been getting progressively weaker throughout the day. Because I developed a fever I was given Tylenol. It is early Sunday morning and I feel a little better, but haven't gotten much sleep. I wonder if anyone else at home slept any. I'm going to try to grab a few minutes of sleep before Raquelita comes to visit this morning.

The nurse who answered the hospice care hotline in the middle of the night said that it can be like a roller coaster. Some days everything seems so well, others not quite so. Yesterday was a not quite so day. Let's hope today is a little bit better.

Trying to figure out whether to go back to the hospital is tough for everyone.

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Unknown said...

muñequita! quiero que sepa que le adoro y que le estoy pensando mucho. espero poder visitarle la proxima vez que este por ahi. ud siempre ha sido mi angel en la tierra, gracias por siempre ser tan maravillosa.