Friday, November 7, 2008

"I Love You, I Love You"

I didn't sleep much of the night. I just couldn't find a comfortable position. Rita and I just kept exchanging glances the whole night. "You sleep." "No you sleep" "Close your eyes." "You first." "No you first." I enjoyed having my niece spend the night, although she couldn't sleep unless I slept, so she hardly slept the whole night.

In the morning, my doctors started seeing me early. My doctor, a young Cuban woman Resident came in at 7am. She wanted me sitting up more so that I can keep my lungs clear. Soon after 8am, I was down in x-ray getting my chest and abdomen checked, when my people came in to check on me. I was happy to see that my little buddy came down to the 3rd floor to find me and escort me back to my room. I had a good morning. I ate and enjoyed those moments with my visitors.

I got a bit of rest after breakfast, and ate well at lunch. I wasn't eating as much as I normally do, but certainly more than the last few days.

I was very dry, and was outputting very little from my kidneys. My urine was very, very dark. My bowels were hyperactive, and so I was asking for the bed pan constantly, although I didn't have much to excrete. Most times, nothing came out.

I was restless much of the day. Again, I couldn't find a comfortable position. My fever was down a bit, and I was eating better. These signs were giving many some optimism about my condition. My Soledad had to step out for the afternoon. An extra afternoon soup and yogurt was ordered for me; both pureed. Plus I had some special thick cranberry juice, one spoon at a time.

I had a general unease. Nothing was giving me comfort. My intestines were giving me pain, so they gave me a little something for relief.

Sergio went to get Soledad. I was so happy when they got back. He came in first and told me Soledad is here. I looked him in the eye and asked where. She's coming in, he said. I was so happy to see her. She came in and cried. I was worried about her, and told her not to cry. She said she loved me. She stepped out. When she came back in, again she cried and told me that she loved me over and over. I had another sip of thick cranberry juice. I looked at my Soledad and she looked at me. "I love you. I love you."

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